Jan Nelson

«We only had a few days in Moscow therefore the day we spent with Ludmila helped us see the main sights & get an over view of Moscow from a local. As we met Lumila on our first day in Moscow it meant for the remaining days in the city we knew how to get to places & navigate the metro, which can be really hard for first time travellers from abroad. We corresponded with Ludmila before the trip to arrange the day together & she met us directly at our hotel on the morning of our day together. Ludmila is really friendly and has a good grasp of English, she is happy to go at a pace that suits you & it was a delight to spent the day with her and get to know about Moscow from someone who lives there & not just from reading a guide book. I would totally recommend & would like to thank Ludmila for a memorable day!»

12 march 2013, England